Derek Fisher


This is a series to look at how the Wizards stack up against their opponents in the East, where they finished 44-38 last season for a No.


Randy Wittman just put the finishing touches on a three-year contract worth $3 million per year with the Wizards, but maybe he should request a renegotiation.


Suddenly, it's a virtue to have no head-coaching experience in the NBA. How else to explain this fascination with Derek Fisher being the leading candidate to lead the New York Knicks? 


The streak is over for the Oklahoma City Thunder, who lost for the first time in 11 games and were held to 25 points below their season average, as the Wizards made it back to .500 yet again at Ve


NEW YORK (AP) NBA players put union chief Billy Hunter on an indefinite leave Friday, two weeks after a report they commissioned questioned Hunter's leadership and criticized him for bad decision