Ernie Grunfeld


After pulling off a three-team trade to acquire Andre Miller, Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld speaks with CSN Washington about the move's potential impact on the team's chase for a playoff berth.


No need to tell Eric Maynor he's been playing badly in his first season with the Wizards. He knows it. He's averaging 2.7 points, 1.9 assists and shooting 30.9%. 


Trevor Ariza's view accurately represents what every Wizards player who was here last season believes: The familiarity they have with each other, coupled with the veterans, will make the transitio


The last time Josh Childress made an appearance in an NBA regular season game, it was with the Brooklyn Nets.


Ted Leonsis, majority owner of the Wizards, didn't cut corners as he laid down the law. And he did it in a clear, emphatic, yet pleasant and almost paternalistic voice Friday.