Jason Peters


If you could build an All-NFC East team for 2014, which players would you choose? Over the next few weeks, we’ll debate that and break it down, position by position.


Not that Redskins nation will have any sympathy, but the Giants have their own batch of walking wounded, most notably running back Ahmad Bradshaw (neck), right tackleDavid Diehl (knee) and Hakeem N


Last week, we talked about reports that the Eagles were going to cut the salary of left tackle Jason Peters, who tore his Achilles tendon while working out near his home, by 3.5 million.


According to several media reports, the Eagles are going to cut the 2012 salary of left tackle Jason Peters because of the torn Achilles tendon he sustained in March.Even though Peters apparently s


Last season the Cowboys secondary put the "D" in Dallas, as in the nearly failing letter grade as non-covering corners and mistackling safeties roamed the back line of defensive coordinat