Josh McRoberts


Chris Bosh has made it clear that he wanted to stay joined at the hip with LeBron James with the Miami Heat, but now that plan has blown up in smoke the Houston Rockets are in prime position to pe


Quickly, in the second week of free agency, the Miami Heat are making moves to lay a better foundation for LeBron James and Chris Bosh to re-sign.


Everyone realizes the Wizards want free agent Marcin Gortat back. The imposing center previously stated he's game for a return.


Lose this game and the Wizards can be almost assured of a first-round playoff matchup with the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers as a No. 7 seed.


When the Charlotte Bobcats are winning, they play exceptional defense. In their eight wins in March, they hold opponents to 94 points per game. They've come a long way, entering Monday's game vs.