Klay Thompson


Let's just get to the point: Bradley Beal has been selected for the 2014-16 USA Men's National team pool.


There's something not quite right with Wizards center Marcin Gortat, who wasn't available for the second game in a row following a lackluster performance in another home defeat.


The Wizards were able to match the Golden State Warriors for two quarters, but in typical fashion they flatlined in the third quarter in Sunday's defeat, their third in a row and sixth in their la


The Wizards have lost the first two of a three-game stretch at home before going back on the road. Sunday's game is a must-win but it'll have to be done with defense.


Charles Barkley and the Wizards. When the commentator references some aspect of the team, historically that means a barb with comedic and cringe worth elements - though not always.