Portland Trail Blazers


Deferring is in the DNA of every true point guard. This year, when it comes to whether or not he's among the NBA's best, John Wall takes it in another direction.


Cleveland becomes a bit "fragile" as it falls into a slump, while the Portland Trail Blazers get hold of the league's longest winning streak for this season.


Closing games is a strength of the Wizards (9-3), and if they can ever figure out how to get off to more efficient starts they'll have most of the pieces of the puzzle together to make a strong ca


Wednesday night featured the first full slate of NBA games this season, so why not take a look at the three Maryland basketball alumni who suited up?


Glen Rice is the MVP of the Las Vegas summer league which was quite an accomplishment. But like statistics from the D-League, it doesn't forecast anything about a player's NBA future.