Randy Wittman


Paul Pierce, who will be 37 when the season starts with the Wizards, already has taken it upon himself to mentor his future replacement Otto Porter.


Returning to D.C., after Xavier Silas was cut following a stint with the Wizards at summer league team and training camp a year ago, may not seem to make a lot of sense. But really, it does.


Randy Wittman finally has the comfort of a three-year contract going into this season with a roster retooled with veterans and keeping the core of the Wizards intact.


Glen Rice is the MVP of the Las Vegas summer league which was quite an accomplishment. But like statistics from the D-League, it doesn't forecast anything about a player's NBA future. 


Marcin Gortat emerged from the shadow of Dwight Howard when he was traded from the Orlando Magic to the Phoenix Suns and became a starter for the first time in his career. That was 2011-12.