Thaddeus Young


Before saying, "It's just the 76ers" in reference to the Wizards blowout victory of them Monday at Verizon Center, this is the same team that just routed the New Orleans Pelicans by 15 points, bea


If it weren't for John Wall, the Wizards might've had their winning streak come to an end. If it weren't for Thaddeus Young, the Minnesota Timberwolves might've lost by 40. 


At some point on Saturday, possibly the time you read this, Kevin Love will be a Cleveland Cavalier.


This is a series to look at how the Wizards stack up against their opponents in the East, where they finished 44-38 last season for a No.


Minnesota Timberwolves deserves ample credit for apparently pulling off a sizeable haul from the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Kevin Love despite the hostage-like situation.