Bryce Harper likes the wave

Bryce Harper likes the wave
April 30, 2013, 3:00 pm
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After starting among a few Nationals fans active on Twitter, it has become a national debate: should Washington fans do the wave? There is now a legitimate movement on social media by fans to stop the practice and even reliever Ryan Mattheus once weighed in to say he doesn't like it. Now, however, those that are pro-wave have a pretty high profile proponent of their cause.

Of all people to speak up about it, Bryce Harper has now voiced his support for the wave. He tweeted this on Tuesday to back those in favor of the wave:

Harper even rallied one of his teammates to join him, tweeting a quote from Jayson Werth who is not on Twitter:

Ian Desmond also jumped in on the conversation in support of the wave, that makes two All-Stars and the team's highest paid player:

No offense to Mattheus, but he is now being out-campaigned by his teammates. Not only are there more on the wave side, they are of the team's more high profile players. Having Harper in one corner certainly changes the debate and Werth and Desmond have clout as well.

Nationals fans, does this change the argument? Will fans now start coming forward to support the wave because Harper, Werth, and Desmond have? This debate could be just getting started.