James Harden taunts John Wall with Euro-step

James Harden taunts John Wall with Euro-step
February 15, 2014, 5:15 pm
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NEW ORLEANS -- Part of the All-Star experience is not just bonding with opposing players, but having fun at their expense. Wizards point guard John Wall has enjoyed the banter so far. "We talk about what trade somebody is going to make, what team is going to finish best," Wall said of the goings-on behind the scenes. "We play Toronto and Atlanta right after this break so I'm going to talk to DeMar (DeRozan) about how I'm going to try to get him in foul trouble and stuff.

James Harden took a moment to rub in a recent win vs. the Wizards, who came up short in a loss at the Houston Rockets in the final game before the break for both teams.

Wall, a first-time selection for the East, said his first encounter here with Harden was unique. Aside from making winning shot on a drive to the basket, Harden was awarded a free throw on an inbounds play for what appeared to be a blatant flop. Because it wasn't a live ball, the Rockets were given a free throw -- made by Harden -- and the ball. The Wizards also lost Trevor Ariza who drew his sixth foul on that  questionable play. They lost the game 113-112. 

"That call? No, he laughed about it. I was talking about how there were so many game-winners the night before everybody came here and he comes in and sees me and Euro-steps by me," Wall said. "Talking about that's how he scored the game-winner so I really didn't like that one."

So did Harden say anything about the Euro-flop?

"He doesn't want to talk about it. He didn't say anything about the play where he rubbed his beard in Trevor's face either." 

Harden tried to downplay it. "Yeah, I did," he said of his demonstration to Wall. "The Euro-step is my move."

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