Wall writing 'playoffs' on all game shoes this season

Wall writing 'playoffs' on all game shoes this season
October 14, 2013, 11:00 pm
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The Wizards aren't sneaking up on teams this season seeing as projections from Vegas and across the league have them squarely in the postseason hunt. Perhaps John Wall knows there is no point in running away from the playoff chatter. At least that's one explanation for the point guard's plans on scribbling "playoffs" on his shoes for all 82 games this season.

“You will see it on all my shoes,” Wall said last week to Bleacher Report's Howard Beck. “Every game pair is going to have `playoffs’ on it. That’s my main determination.”

Now the intrigue comes in how will "playoffs" appear on the shoes. Marker? Embroidered? If written, basic block format or fancy lettering. Happy faces inside the "o" perhaps? Questions will be asked.

Wall and the Wizards (0-2) look for their first preseason win - or at least general improvement - Tuesday night against the Miami Heat at the Verizon Center.