Fishing on the Potomac: Post spawn!

Fishing on the Potomac: Post spawn!
May 19, 2013, 6:15 pm
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By Steve Chaconas
Fishing on the Potomac

For the most part, the spawn is over. Post spawn fish are on scattered cover away from the banks but willing to venture shallow to take advantage of bluegill beds. Water temperature is into the low 70s.

It's time to really pay attention to tides! Move in to cover at higher tides and back off to grass edges and deeper cover at falling tides.

NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “A warmer week with highs around 80 or above! Winds out of the south will give way on Wednesday to north winds creating an unstable weather pattern increasing the chance of rain through the end of the week and a better chance of late day thunderstorms. Friday in the upper 70s, cooling for the weekend.”

Dock fishing, better at high tides in areas with grass, will begin to heat up. Pitch Texas rigged MIZMO tubes on 3/0 Mustad tube hooks and a 3/16 weight. Swimming Mann's Stone jigs around docks with a HardNose craw will produce bigger fish. The same swimming jig can be pulled over and through grass. Chatter jigs in white patterns will be great search baits.

Keep a white Lucky Craft LVR D-7 handy to swim over grass, especially on cloudy days. Walkers like the Lucky Craft Gunfish walked over grass or wood will excite post spawners! Keep the bait moving. Use a stick worm as a follow up bait.

Cranking Mann's Baby 1-Minus over grass and wood in baitfish patterns on GAMMA Edge fluorocarbon line can cover water along with white chatter jigs. Go a bit deeper with Mann’s Baby-X cranks on 12-pound test EDGE. Also drag Carolina rigs and work drops and ditches with the Heavy Drop Shot.