Fishing on the Potomac: Water Temperatures Cooling!

Fishing on the Potomac: Water Temperatures Cooling!
September 29, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Water temperatures slowly dropping to the mid 60s, hydrilla hanging in there and fishing remains all about the tide! Plan your day and work it!

Cool mornings and low light are the best fishing times. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “A slow drop in temperatures will end this week with highs around 80, but cooler nights
will mean a chilly start every day. A few clouds and no rain in the forecast. Overnight lows 55 to 60. Light winds all week.”

With a morning high tide, try topwaters like the Lucky Craft G-Splash and walkers like the Gunfish on 12-pound test GAMMA Copoly. But, be quick to abandon to take advantage of low light conditions with moving lures. Mann's Baby X crankbait in chartreuse patterns will get down to 3 feet over the tops of the hydrilla. Use 12-pound test GAMMA Fluorocarbon to snap the bait out of the grass. Try to snap the
bait upward when touching the grass to trigger strikes.

With the afternoon low water, fish the edges of the grass where there is  a definitive line and compressed grass positioning fish in the scattered grass out front. Try weightless stickworms on a 1/0 Mustad
red wacky hook. Again 12-pound test Edge will work. Another thing to try are small Texas rigged worms on a 2/0 Mustad Mega Bite hook with 1/16 ounce Water Gremlin BullShot weight about a foot ahead of the
bait. Use 8-pound test GAMMA Copoly on spinning gear. Lift the presentation over grass and let sit.

Dropshot these areas too! A 10-inch leader with a 2/0 Mustad MegaBite hook on 8-pound test GAMMA Copoly will present 4-inch worms. Make long casts to these edges. Soak soft plastics in garlic Jack’s Juice Bait Spray.