Kyle Shanahan wants RG3 playing vs Atlanta

Kyle Shanahan wants RG3 playing vs Atlanta
December 12, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Kyle Shanahan 'disappointed' RG3 was benched

Kyle Shanahan made clear on Thursday that he would like to see Robert Griffin III on the field for the Washington Redskins, and the decision to shut down RG3 was made without his input.

“I got zero involvement in that,” Kyle Shanahan said of RG3’s benching.

Shanahan, Washington’s offensive coordinator, added that he game planned for both Griffin and backup Kirk Cousins this week against Atlanta because he did not know what decision his father, and Washington head coach, Mike Shanahan would make.

“It was a little frustrating,” Kyle Shanahan said.

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Coordinators jobs are to focus on football and winning games, the younger Shanahan explained, not the long-term prospects of the organization.

“I’m a coordinator, it’s 100 percent about football with me,” he said.

Asked what quarterback Kyle Shanahan wants on the field this week, he said he would “love” to have RG3 out there, stating adamantly that Griffin is the franchise quarterback and best option.

Again, Kyle said that as offensive coordinator he is afforded to just look at short term results, not long-term prospects. Looking to the future is the job of the head coach, general manager and owner, he explained.

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The stress of the current Redskins turmoil was not lost on Shanahan, who said he understands the difficult situation his family is in.

“It would make it easier if everyone loved me, but that’s not the real world,” Shanahan said.

But Kyle added that he is not worried about his current and future job prospects.

“I don’t think people who will dictate my future and give me job offers are going to go off what talk shows say,” Shanahan said of rumors that Redskins owner Dan Snyder may look to make coaching changes.

Responding to a rumor that he and Snyder had a “rift,” the younger Shanahan called the report “ridiculous.”

In his career as an offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan’s teams have had success moving the ball. His first season as a coordinator with Houston in 2008 saw his Texans team rank third overall in yards per game. Last season, the Redskins had the No. 3 offense in the NFL and the league’s best rushing attack.

“I wish people would judge me on my (offense) and not my last name,” the younger Shanahan said.

Though Kirk Cousins will likely start the remainder of the season, Kyle Shanahan said there was no confusion who was the best quarterback on the team. Griffin’s rookie year was historic, and though Kyle wishes RG3 would be on the field for the season’s final three games, Shanahan said there is no question Griffin will be the starter next season.

“It’s ridiculous to look at this as a quarterback competition,” he said.