Open thread: Preseason risk vs. reward

Open thread: Preseason risk vs. reward
June 28, 2013, 5:00 am
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Your Friday morning open thread:

Does RG3 need to play in the preseason? I posed the question over on Real Redskins yesterday so let's carry it over here. On the one hand every snap that Griffin plays in a meaningless game exposes him to injury. On the other, he is in just his second year in the league and he could benefit from live snaps. 

it's the classic risk vs. reward equation. What do you do if you're Mike Shanahan, assuming that Griffin is medically cleared to play? Let him take the usual preseason workload of a cameo in the first preseason game, a quarter in the second and a half in the third? Lighten that load somewhat? Or give him a baseball cap and a clipboard and let him watch Kirk Cousins lead the team?

I'm in the lighter load camp myself. There is some value to preseason play and if RG3 is cleared he'll be able to make it through a few dozen preseason snaps.