Patience pays off for Griffin

Patience pays off for Griffin
January 29, 2013, 10:00 am
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One of the frequently heard criticisms of Robert Griffin III is that he liked to take off from the pocket too soon. The conventional wisdom is that he would drop back, scan the field and if his first option and maybe his second were covered, his instinct was to tuck the ball under his arm and take off.

Griffin took off early from time to time but the perception that it was a regular occurrence does not jibe with reality

According to Pro Football Focus, Griffin was more patient than most NFL quarterbacks when it came to hanging in the pocket. On average, Griffin waited 5.6 seconds from the snap of the ball before he took off and scrambled. Only three other quarterbacks, Carson Palmer (6.05 seconds), Russell Wilson (5.76), and Cam Newton (5.7) were more patient in those situations.

Jay Cuter (4.41) and Matt Schaub (3.85) were the quickest to start scrambling.

A look at some other PFF numbers shows why Griffin might have liked to hang in the pocket a little bit longer. When he passed the ball 2.5 seconds or less after taking the snap he had an NFL passer rating of 99.7. When he took 2.6 seconds or more to throw, his rating went up to 107.5. Only Peyton Manning (113.0) had a higher passer rating when holding on to the ball than Griffin.