Redskins not focused on potential Davis trade

Redskins not focused on potential Davis trade
October 29, 2013, 1:45 pm
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The NFL’s trade deadline is set for 4 p.m. – and there’s one prominent Redskin reportedly on the block – but two veteran players said they’re not focused on the possibility of a move being made.

One name mentioned often in trade speculation has been Fred Davis’. According to a report posted on ProFootballTalk on Monday, Davis being “aggressively” shopped by the Redskins. The 27-year-old tight end has been inactive the past two weeks.

“You can drive yourself crazy thinking about that,” cornerback DeAngelo Hall said about the possibility of any trades being made. “Or trying to figure out where you fall into the mix. But you know what? …This team is going to do whatever they need to do to get us better and help us win ball games. If that includes trading someone on this roster, that’s what the guys in the front office do.”

Running back Alfred Morris added: “That’s upper management’s call. It’s one of those things you’ll probably never get used to. But you come to expect it. The NFL is a business. People come, people go. Somebody will be here one day and the next day their locker is cleared out. You just never know.”