ICYMI: Ride alongs, dancing, and velour track suit

ICYMI: Ride alongs, dancing, and velour track suit
August 29, 2014, 4:45 pm
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NFL Preseason is officially over so that means we can now focus solely on football for the next four months. But before we skip ahead to the gridiron, let's take a look back at the week that was. In case you missed it, here is what happened this week in social media.

If you didn't know, Ramen Noodles (in a pinch), can also serve as a base for pizza.

If you listen closely... you can hear college kids everywhere Googling that recipe.

In the wise words of Martell Webster, "Life is about moving so dance".

And dance he did. Just like your drunk great-uncle at a wedding long after the band left.


Alfred Morris took a ride along with his good friend Willie.

Kudos to the blue van that was pulled over on Morris' watch. Maybe he'll sign your citation?


We were also blessed with a couple TBTs, including one from Santana Moss decked out in a leather jacket.

And what could be better than baby Garret Temple in a great 80's sweater?


A teenage Garret Temple in a velour track suit!


If that doesn't scream 2004, I'm not sure what does.


That'll wrap it up for this week's edition of ICYMI, but check back every Friday for more social media roundups.