Redskins' RG3: 'It's our job to ignore the noise'

Redskins' RG3: 'It's our job to ignore the noise'
September 3, 2014, 1:15 pm
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Now that the 2014 season is upon us the scrutiny of the Washington Redskins and quarterback Robert Griffin III is starting to heat up both nationally and locally. How will Griffin get along with new coach Jay Gruden? Can he adjust to being a pocket passer? Can Griffin put the 2013, where he dealt with both an injure knee and a shattered relationship with his head coach and offensive coordinator, in the past?

But Griffin insists that the team hears none of it, that the team goes about its business of trying to achieve its goals.

“Our job is to ignore the noise, to stay focused on what we have to,” he said. “When I said we fixed what we needed to fix on offense, that’s for us. We fix that in practice. We go out there every day and we know, hey, if we don’t put together something or put something on tape that we don’t like to see we have to clean that up and we’ve done a good job of that.

Griffin said that there is no motivation to show the critics anything.

“Hopefully [the work at practice] presents itself on game day but that’s for us,” he said. “That’s not to prove anybody else wrong or right. That’s just for us to go out there and be successful.”

Skeptics can be forgiven if they don’t quite believe what Griffin is saying about him having no desire to prove the doubters wrong. He tweeted this to those who “doubted” him two weeks ago.

But most who follow the team don’t really care about what may or may not motivate Griffin and his teammates. They just want the offense to score touchdowns, something that Griffin and the starters did not do in the preseason. 

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