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Fri, 27 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back Jamie safety Titus till grew up living around the world his dad was in the air force was spent time in Alaska Japan Italy in Washington State. Before finally settling in Maryland. You can also say he's very worldly experience in different cultures and different food. He even plays the saxophone -- but for all that global knowledge tightest phills heart still lies in Maryland. To -- and explains. He was a four star recruit from Upper Marlboro Maryland and even though he had dreams of becoming a Georgia Bulldog. -- is still got the next best thing. I want to stay close to home if I could go to Georgia so. When Mayo off -- I committed right away. -- red -- -- as a freshman and the next season under new coach Randy Edsall he saw some playing time at safety. But he wasn't happy with the coaching change at Maryland Titus said. He felt like he didn't finish and anymore with the -- so he chose to transfer here to James Madison and play from the dukes. Problem was. That decision didn't just affect his football career it affected his life. My girlfriend so I was pregnant. About three months pregnant and it was it was a really tough decision whether or not to to stay had to leave it didn't really hit me and so I actually left. I was in the car with -- almost all my belongings almost close. TV everything isn't in my NASCAR. With the U haul trailer on the bag and I literally broke down in tears because that I couldn't believe that -- leave it. But while two hours seemed like an eternity to a nineteen year old. On the football field he would have a chance to make an immediate impact. Yeah. He can blitz he can play man to man. You play in the box outside the box. Well we -- by intelligent he was immediately known we started the most from our schemes where he would fit in. So we were very much excited about and. Football wise. I thought surrounded his daughter on the way. So it was hard on me both the mother and just the fact that I wasn't there to to be around in and covered throughout her pregnancy is. It was a really tough for the both of us -- made it back to Maryland to hold his newborn Zohar jasmine but only for a day. I had to get back to camp that night and I didn't want to leave it all. I literally felt. I'm magnate it was all my heart and it was pulling me so hurt. I cried the whole way home I -- get through it. No way it prayer. My mom. Now was a car a one year old. Yeah Goosen. I just doesn't get to see her much during the season. Except on face time in the offseason he c.s are almost every weekend. -- She's gonna be tall. And she's got -- she's gonna have attitude. I'm scared but I really nervous about it about how pretty she is going to be but I come around. She sees me see. She knows who I am now filing so of course he's -- she runs a summation gives me hugs and this is this is the most precious thing ever. That. Just a disassembled face found. Cause this. -- it means everything to react out literally can't stop smiling at the hole inside -- just that it's easier than it people look at me like I'm crazy but I'm crazy about my daughter. Hey you know -- and is. On the field strength and conditioning is a big focus for the 62215. Pound safety. Still earned his degree next winner but his dream is to make it to the NFL. Every play I'm out there a prisoner saying GoDaddy go go go make -- play is going to be tied up. -- go every time this streak is pre game I'm always I'm always and I got to put food on the table. I got to put a roof over my daughter's name that's just the mentality that I had the chaos that -- field he's worked. Isn't very good. You know he -- in the way -- he -- the and the guy. Guys who want to continue his go about this practice thankfully we just wanna start -- no -- Us to do forgive me for months as close an issue this is to protect me and my teammates to a guy campaigns around the spill over her accommodated and I've grown. We've -- -- to my -- for names registered they don't really want to get something he's shown as -- -- team blessed. My friend and I. I can do it I'm strong and this is mainly sold. -- this whole this whole thing has made me grow up so quick this is what I love. And this has always been my dream so I'm still carrying out my dream. And I'm doing it for her. You can see tiger Phil and Paxson tomorrow night right here on Comcast sports that has to and you visits Delaware. Part of our CAA. Football coverage. It cost -- What I love most about that story is how mature. That young man is and the fact is what we do without things like face time because that wasn't around. Back in the day I mean he actually gets a chance to be a part of his daughter's life through you know electronic music proud pop and again I would a lot of character already. CSN Washington dot com.

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  20. great Redskins fans who are not in the football world a guy like Dale Junior comes to mind for me big thrill for me a fan of NASCAR and a get a chance to meet Dale Junior and hear about how much he loves the Redskins knocked a couple of years ago I had chance