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Adam Levitan tells you who to start for Week 7



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Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Joining me now is -- world writer Adam let it stand for game of what you rather. And that's gonna help you decide who's better to have on your roster as we head into week seven saw Adam. Let's get right to -- running back who would you rather have Stephen Bradley or Pierre Thomas. Yeah help ease the past few weeks a chance to buy low and even relief now he's got that fumble that -- -- god bill Belichick's doghouse and then. -- is he missed the team and then comes back we'll begin against the Saints last week twenty carries 96 yards. Two touchdowns and that's it separates him from what your one's a little bit turning into the future back and actually helped around the house he's an excellent punt block it. Collection helps he's really I like Pierre Thomas and I still think that touches and he's there for him. What about at receiver the rising young star Keenan Allen for the struggling veteran Larry FitzGerald. Yeah this is such an interesting question because just a month ago you know it was -- did on the depth chart his own team and now we're talking about in the same breath -- Larry FitzGerald. I think that I'd rather have Larry FitzGerald just because he was struggling that hamstrings so bad I've always looked ugly. On Thursday night against the Seahawks venues is still hobbled -- separate couldn't push off could get you did could get open. Downfield to State's schedule is gonna help him a lot going forward ten days before we eat. Then the guy in the real soft schedule look forward so I give a slight slight edge -- FitzGerald there. What about a -- in two guys who have battled for top spot for much of the last decade Antonio Gates or Tony Gonzales. This is -- AARP portion of our permanent resident and I think that Tony Gonzales. Things that size could sustain does that criticism has helped a little bit better than Antonio Gates even though Tony Gonzales for years older and especially -- -- Julio Jones out for the year with his foot injury and right right -- them there are reliant Tony Gonzales Thailand. Offensive coordinator Jimmy Carter's Artest said that if you know -- it -- for him to go to teachers -- -- out the number one receiver. For Matt Ryan look forward so Tony Gonzales stuff that -- At 1110 -- world great seeing Adam and have a good fantasy weekend. Okay good luck. CSN Washington dot com.

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