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Caps edge Jets in shootout



  1. Mike Green0:29
  2. Alex Ovechkin0:59
  3. Blake Wheeler1:37
  4. Jewell ward0:20
  5. Jets0:07, 0:27, 0:44
  6. Winnipeg0:26
  7. Columbus2:44
  8. Troy2:00, 2:36
  9. power play0:29, 1:54
  10. road trip2:50
Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Had a motion company hopefully keep the momentum going against the Jets game one of a five game road he's. Scoreless after the first second period was anything but three minutes and John -- -- a shot from the point pavlik the rebound and make I don't know about the how is on his fourth goal of the season as a whole Lotta -- Jewell ward was big beefy frame -- -- that the -- about he just follows up on that fox. But the ball would've taken those three Winnipeg Jets out of the way. Minutes later this the caps power play Mike Green gave it away. -- lacked fire and hold it. There this Wimbledon everybody and ties the game at one places that's you know you're asking a lot of your goaltender make too big save there and make tonight. Save up the first when you gotta get that rebound. Jets struck again just seven seconds later. Grant puts a blast from the point right past the lovable these 21 Jets and this is all about big -- -- -- front of the net hope it can't see that -- goes in off the hall of big body in front Carl or help a lot of trouble for the -- that -- Alex Ovechkin and the capitals -- looking to equalizer in the captain's picks away from Vlad it alone great date beat pavlik. Number eight -- a great day we're not needed to we'll take what he honestly on that one pavlik did on his right away. We'll let you make some nice to his back and he gets up and get -- -- -- just two minutes later off the faceoff Colby. Adds to his league leading. Totals it's his ninth -- the years 78 career multi goal game. And the caps have another -- putt you let this guy shoot the -- three even strength goals all on the face off I believe this season you've got to get furcal. Final minute of the second -- down again event McCain throws toward the net. Blake Wheeler they're in the collective -- were -- shoulder. And it's level at three after two just -- a little bit of a turnover here we had their first or second. One of those just north of the net trying get a stick on and we looser more. I'd get to the third period -- -- back on the power play this time at old we will keep it in and watch this play by nick back. -- curl -- -- beats Troy -- in front and that after back on top 43 great hit by will be at the point and then another great feet to keep this alive. Back there I'll buy you do this but it was sold -- week and a great ball quite firm our foot back of the net. -- without legal not in this game. Another turn over the capitals don't leave it a little for the second time tonight and back in a tire that -- and yet. Well I don't know what it looks like it's you know a good goal but you know and I think -- that's a tough hole to save. After a scoreless overtime -- -- if you got the computer kept Troy Brower is gonna need to score to keep it going and he does that after -- -- he saved. Martin era one of the heroes of the game the other night against Columbus goes five -- pavlik. And the caps get a huge two points to start their road trip with a -- CSN Washington dot com.

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