Andre Miller


Exit interviews, when players meet individually with the coaching staff and management, take place today for the Wizards at Verizon Center.


The ongoing debate that has no end in sight is whether this has been coach Randy Wittman's ploy all along -- aka, the long con --  to wait until the postseason to unleash his best lineups to catch


Ramon Sessions' run of four teams over two seasons eventually landed the point guard in the playoffs. The Washington Wizards are better off for it.


TORONTO -- Add Paul Pierce to the long list of veterans -- Andre Miller, Al Harrington, Drew Gooden and Trevor Ariza -- who trumpet the game-plan preparation of coach Randy Wittman especially come


The changing landscape of the Wizards' second unit has turned Kevin Seraphin from option No. 1 to utilityman who has to rely more on second-chance baskets and doing more of the dirty work.