Atlanta Hawks


Unless the Wizards are able to find a way to move up in tonight's NBA draft -- that would seem difficult given their lack of assets other than future picks and commitment to keeping Bradley Beal -


Had it not been for a right hamstring strain sustained while playing in China, Will Bynum would've joined the Wizards much earlier than March 27 when he signed his first 10-day contract.


What started out as a remarkable season for Garrett Temple, when he was shooting above 40% from three-point range, quieted after everything returned to normal for the Wizards.


When focused, Kevin Seraphin can be a force but it's difficult to determine if his issues are between his ears or how he has been used in five seasons by the Wizards.


The end wasn't good for Ramon Sessions, who shot just 8-for-33 in the last four games of a second-round series loss to the Atlanta Hawks.