Ben Olsen


After the 2013 season, many expected United to be much improved to begin 2014. Unfortunately, with so many new faces on the roster, United won't be afforded much time to gel.


The 2013 season gave D.C. United fans little to cheer about. As the team prepares for 2014, there is hope among the team and coach Ben Olsen that this season can be better.


Christian Fernandez Salas, or Christian for short, comes to D.C. United on a free transfer after he was released from Almeria of La Liga (the top division) in Spain.


It’s the last chance for D.C. United. In an odd season where last place and winning a trophy has gone together for D.C.


The week was not as busy for D.C. United. There was no U.S. Cup Final in the middle of the week and cross country travel to deal with.