Boston Celtics


The truth is the Wizards never were quite as good as they thought they were when they began the season 31-15, an epiphany that emerged during a streak of losing 13 of 18 games going into Thursday


The JaVale McGee experience is reportedly on the verge of heading to Boston with plans for an extended stay.


Today's trade that brought the Wizards a younger and possibly better guard in Ramon Sessions from the Sacramento Kings had a side benefit that hasn't been fully understood until now. 


This is what is known about the Wizards (33-21), fluctuating between the Nos. 3-5 seeds in the East, going into the final 28 games of this regular season and with Thursday's 3 p.m.


It was around this time a year ago that Drew Gooden, who had been signed as a free agent, came to the Wizards to energize a struggling group of reserves heading into what would be the franchise's