Drew Gooden


Examining the numbers from the Washington Wizards' 104-98 road win over the Atlanta Hawks in Game 1 of their best-of-7 series



ATLANTA -- When the Atlanta Hawks keep answering the Wizards every time they get close, they usually pull away with a comfortable win. Not Sunday in Game 1 of this Eastern Conference semifinal.


ATLANTA -- Throw out what happened in the first round for the Wizards (a surprisingly easy sweep of the Toronto Raptors) and the Atlanta Hawks (a surprisingly difficult six-game series with the Br


No matter how well the Wizards played in the first round, that'll have nothing to do what happens vs.


The ongoing debate that has no end in sight is whether this has been coach Randy Wittman's ploy all along -- aka, the long con --  to wait until the postseason to unleash his best lineups to catch