Martell Webster


In a few days, when the trade for Jared Dudley can be made official, the Wizards will have rebooted their roster with another quality replacement without having any cap space.


A third back surgery delayed the start of Martell Webster's third season here and he hasn't come anywhere close to the form that led the Wizards to keeping him around.


Rasual Butler didn't just stick around to earn a paycheck as the 15th man on the bench. He earned playing time after he took the job from younger foes in training camp.


With the Wizards looking toward 2015-16, they'll have to address core roster issues while moving forward.


The ongoing debate that has no end in sight is whether this has been coach Randy Wittman's ploy all along -- aka, the long con --  to wait until the postseason to unleash his best lineups to catch