Miami Dolphins


It has been almost two decades since he coached in College Park, but a former Maryland head coach is on the move in the NFL. Details here.


They once shared a defensive line in College Park, but they lined up on opposite sidelines on Sunday in the NFL. Still had time to snap a friendly photo, though.


Redskins captain London Fletcher weighed in on the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin situation on Tuesday, saying he’s disappointed in the Dolphins’ locker room leadership and that he expects the N


AVIE, Fla. (AP) -- In the stadium program sold at the Miami Dolphins' game on Halloween, Richie Incognito was asked who's the easiest teammate to scare. His answer: Jonathan Martin.


LONDON (AP) -- The Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins will travel to London next year to take part in the NFL International Series.